Recommended Merchant Account/Realtime Gateway Providers

PayPal Pro
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US Customers Sample Rates
  • 2.19% Discount Rate
  • 28 Transaction Fee
  • $25 Monthly Fee
  • No Setup Fee
  • Includes Merchant Account & Gateway
  • 2.99% Discount Rate
  • 50 Transaction Fee
  • $15 Monthly Fee
  • No Setup Fee
  • Includes Merchant Account & Gateway
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UK Customers > $1000 per month
  • 4.5% Discount Rate
  • 100 Setup Fee
  • 160 Annual Fee
  • No Monthly Fee
UK Customers < $1000 per month
  • 3% Discount Rate
  • Free Bank Transfers
  • No Setup Fee
  • No Monthly Fee

CDN Customers > $1000 per month
  • $199 CDN Application Fee
  • $49.95 CDN Monthly Fee
  • 3.75% Discount Rate
  • 35 CDN transaction fee
  • $49 CDN Application Fee
  • No Monthly Fee Till October '06
  • 3.75%-4.00% Discount Rate
  • $.45-$1 Transaction Fee
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Terms Defined
  • Application or Setup Fee: Fee paid to get approved and have your account ready for processing. This fee is a one time fee that is usually refundable if you are denied for any reason.
  • Annual Fee: Fee paid on a yearly basis for as long as you remain processing with this company
  • Monthly Fee: Flat monthly charge regardless of total processing volume
  • Discount Rate: Percentage of each transaction that is kept by the processor. ie if the discount rate is 2.00% and the transaction amount was $100, you will get $98 and the processor gets $2
  • Transaction Fee: Flat fee paid for each transaction that you process regardless of transaction amount
  • Monthly Minimum: Minimum transaction and discount rate total fees for the month. If your companies total transaction and discount rate fees for the month do not add up to the minimum you will be charged the minimum fee instead. In the case of the US account above as long as your charge approx $1000 dollars per month the minimum of $25 will not matter because transaction fees and discount rate fees will add up to more than $25.
General Thoughts on Merchant Accounts
  • If you can afford the cost it is always better to get your own merchant account rather than a 3rd party merchant account. 3rd party merchant accounts are sometimes not FDIC insured, there is no phone support, it takes longer to get your money and you are at the mercy of the processor with little to no say in the case of chargebacks.
  • In general stores with lower monthly sales should opt for merchant accounts with lower monthly rates and higher discount rates, vice versa stores with higher monthly volumes are better off choosing accounts with higher monthly rates and lower discount rates.
  • While Paypal is a good secondary method of payment acceptance or good for very small businesses we do not recommend using it as the only method of payment accepted. Accepting only Paypal gives shoppers the impression that you are a small business. You may also lose customers who are not willing to register with Paypal in order to pay you.
  • Merchants outside the US and those who sell adult products are subject to higher rates and may not be eligible for the rates listed above.
  • All of the accounts above are offered by companies other than Easytorecreator. While we do our best to maintain this list we cannot be held liable for errors or ommissions of any kind.


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