Paypal Shopping Cart Software

EasyStoreCreator allows all shops to accept Paypal payments in addition to or instead of using a merchant account. Paypal payments are automatically verified in real-time and marked as paid in the shoppers cart.

How Does the Shopping Cart Work?
  • Shopper visits your store browses the items and selects some to add to their cart
  • Shopper indicates they would like to checkout
  • Next shopper is prompted for billing, shipping, and payment method
  • When shopper chooses Paypal method they are taken to the Paypal site to complete their transaction
  • Shopper either logs in or creates a new Paypal account, if the shopper needs to create a new account we will automatically fill in address, city, and state information to aid them in the registration process.
  • After shopper pays Paypal will notify our servers and we update the order as paid

How can I accept Paypal Payments in my store with the ecommerce website builder?
There are 2 steps to accepting payments:
Click here to signup for a store and start accept Paypal payments today or click here to signup for a Paypal account.

Does the store support PayPal Website Payments Pro?
Yes, the store also supports PayPal Website Payments Pro. The PayPal Website Payments Pro service allows you to accept credit cards online in your store using a PayPal merchant account and your customers never have to leave your website.

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