Google Base

Access to millions of visitors
EasyStoreCreator is tightly integrated with Google Base for easy and free submittals to googles new shopping portal, Google Base is a service from Google that makes it easy to search for information about products for sale online. By focusing entirely on product search, Google Base applies the power of Google's search technology to a very specific task: locating stores that sell the item you want to find and pointing you directly to the place where you can make a purchase.

What is Google Base
Google Base is an extension of the Google search engine that millions of people around the globe use daily to research products before they purchase. Listing your product in Google Base is a free way to extend the reach of your marketing efforts to millions of new customers.
Google's worldwide user base performs more than 150 million searches a day. That presents an enormous opportunity to introduce your products to customers you might otherwise spend millions of dollars in advertising to reach. These are people actively searching for the items you sell. And did we mention inclusion in Google Base is absolutely free?

How does it work?
You signup for an account with Google Base and EasyStoreCreator and we will send Google Base a data feed every 24 hours with all of your product information. Once you signup you never have to anything else to be listed in Google Base. We query your products, prices, descriptions, and images from your store and send it to Google Base formatted exactly how they like it.


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