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About Us

EasyStoreCreator gives you the control you need to to compete head-to-head in this hi-tech ecommerce world. We provide the most reliable and affordable site development, hosting and payment processing services for small and medium size businesses.

Why we are different

Just like you, we want to run a profitable business, send the kids to college and put aside some money for retirement. We realize this cannot happen until we can assure you of your profitablity by making ecommerce easy and financially rewarding for you.

We begin with the simple principle that do-it-yourself means big savings and that you will prosper most if you have an ecommerce site specifically tailored to your needs. One size does not fit all.

Our next principle is that you know your needs better than anyone else. So we've built the most inclusive, instructive and intuitive software to help you build your site. It's a snap with EasyStoreCreator. Everything you need to build, maintain and expand your ecommerce site is included ...

  • site design software
  • shopping cart software
  • integration with major credit card gateways
  • website hosting
  • live online support or by phone

You can now keep your costs to the bare minimum. You can invest your time and your money into making your business grow. We'll handle the technical stuff for you.

The future potential of ecommerce is staggering. Your investment in an ecommerce site produced with EasyStoreCreator is literally pocket change.

The EasyStoreCreator servers are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week and in the event of any sites failure our support staff is notified within at least 3 minutes and will begin working on a solution. EasyStoreCreator knows that a slow or down site can scare away customers and we pride ourselves on the uptime and server response times available to our customers.

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